Lets go over how UniDex is able to source liquidity from Uniswap and many others, yet still trade with a lower fee compared to Uniswap. For a TLDR you can scroll to the bottom.

Gas consumption

If you’re relatively new to the scene this can help understand actual gas costs and what things like metamask show you in order to keep you safe.

By default UniDex passes 20% more gas limit than normal to prevent failed transactions on the places we aggregate from. Now what does this exactly mean? …

After a recent vote to disperse rewards on the BSC mainnet, all UNIDX holders have just received their BNB rewards to their wallet address. Previously, the same multi-send on the ETH mainnet would have cost around $1700 thus caused a major slowdown in distribution. Thus, in ordnance with vote https://snapshot.org/#/unidexapp.eth/proposal/QmQtrudfWtSwTKYqWYqvCuG2XE7iHtw2TX9nHpBGFDAJkS, all rewards were sent out just now as BNB on the BSC mainnet.

We went with BSC initially because we understand a lot of users still haven't tried and got around to set up. …

Since our last roadmap was released things have changed. Things like BSC and general updates to our engine of aggregation have been made to allow traders to play the market like never before.

To keep things short heres the outlook until Q3. Understand we are a trading platform and not necessarily an exchange so things can be interchanged in level of importance given market conditions.

Discussion over all the recent changes and things to come


Since our open beta release in late january many things have changed, pivoted, and pushed back. Lets first go over what we had and then transition into what's to come.

In 0.0.3 we released our first closed beta launch of the platform featuring spot trading aggregation with limit orders. Outside of basic functionality such as swapping tokens which would aggregate between 1Inch, Kyber, Balancer, and Uniswap. Users would see more to come in the distant future including margin, leverage, and more tools.

A write-up on what powers the liquidity protocol on UniDex

Since the start of the UniDex project, our vision has expanded and adapted to market conditions. At first we were committed to delivering an all-in-one DeFi platform, and that hasn't changed one bit. However, DeFi has now expanded to multiple chains and multiple financial tools like options, futures, and synthetics.

UniDex is now providing a multi-chain super aggregator of any and all financial products. …

We are happy to announce that UniDex has successfully integrated Chainlink oracles on mainnet to obtain secure and reliable Price Feeds within our DeFi trading terminal. These Chainlink-powered decentralized oracle networks ensure fair market trading and settlement of leveraged positions, prediction markets, options contracts, and UniDex synthetic concepts.

At present, UniDex is using USD-denominated Chainlink Price Feeds for ETH, BTC, DOT, LINK, SNX, YFI, XAG, XAU, and TSLA which allow our users to trade tokenized leveraged assets. In the future, we plan to extend these feeds to support options trading. …


As the Ethereum blockchain became more and more utilized, we saw the average transaction cost rise nearly 10x its value from 4 months ago. This is not something new that users are experiencing for the first time. In the summer of 2020, Fast Gas prices were nearing double of what the stand now.

Many have voiced their disappointment with transaction fees on the ethereum chain as of recently and some memes can actually summarize the experience such as today with Fast Gas prices being around 400 GWEI.

Today we are enabling leverage trading on UniDex. For those unfamiliar, leverage trading allows for users to gain more exposure to an asset at the cost of increased risk but more return. In this iteration, were introducing bull and bear positions.

On UniDex, traders will be able to take long and short positions on any trading pair using ChainLink. This means users on our DEX would be able to long and short assets like BTC, XRP, XMR, TSLA, EURUSD, XAUUSD, or even things like Bitcoin dominance. This opens the door to a wide range of tradable concepts that previously was…

Quick Information

Covering the most important information users will probably wanna know will be said in this section.
- We will be moving into open beta 8pm UTC-6
- Adding more information to the docs to those that are very unfamiliar with opyn, spot trading, and other general areas.
- Everything will be tested today with the exception of leverage markets enabled in wednesday to ensure we can handle proper feedback on other sections. AKA aggregation testing, options testing of american and european styled, margin trading through unimex, and wednesday same time as todays launch time leverage tokens.

Detailed Launch Information

First lets go over…

Today we pushed out a big update on the beta based on users feedback and bugs that were pointed out by the UniDex community. Some users are new to the platform and we want to give an overview for how things are done and a small timeline update for users wondering where things are going from here in the short coming week.
Heres a still of how the swap section currently looks for the beta.


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