Beta launch & Beta rollout

So we wanted to share some more details with the release of the beta taking place next week on what to expect from the beta, how to use it, and how features are being rolled out. To keep things short lets start with what users should be expecting.


As previously mentioned our beta is supposed to be a glimpse of what the vision of UniDex is supposed to be. The UI will be polished in the final release and even more things outside of the line up that we will be exploring in the beta to be added. But we want to make it clear to the community, that this is a beta and somethings will take more time than usual to add that can only be measured while its being added. Just like now how it may be possible that we delay the launch by 1–2 days some features explained below may take an extra week to be fully functional. With that being said, lets move onto how people will be accessing the exchange.


In order to access the UniDex beta platform you will be required to hold a UniDexBeta token. This token by itself has no value other than being checked on the dapp if you hold this token in order for you to have access to the dapp. The token will be distributed randomly to UNIDX holders and people we believe should try out the exchange for their feedback such as influencers, DeFi traders, or traders that haven't moved onto DeFi services yet to start off. So as a recap users will be airdropped randomly a unidexbeta exchange token to test and try out the exchange.


Once the beta is launched with its initial set of features we can then start rolling out other features such as compound and aave integration, tokenset dashboard, liquidity pool management and investment, options trading, and an overall dashboard page with a quick overview on current positions and wallet balance displayed nicely in a chart. These arent in any particular order but we can expect each task to have a 1–2 week timeframe to be rolled out and tested on the beta.

This was ment to be an overview on how things would unfold before and after the beta launch of UniDex. We want to thank the community for their support and encouragement throughout this process. Its because of the community we are blessed with the opportunity to finally deliver a solution needed in the Ethereum ecosystem. We’re proud to stand by our motto an exchange built by traders, for traders, and with traders.









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