Charting Update & More

Hey, fellow UniDex traders! It's time for another update post on our progress with V1 and bug fixes along the way. We’re going to be covering charting, bugs, and smaller additions we’re making the platform all to improve the experience. We’ll start off with less technically versed language and scale-up for those that like seeing the platform-specific changes.


Right off the bat for charts that are currently live for ETH, BSC, and Polygon. We greatly improved the chart quality and performance with some flexibility.

Here's how they look now for example on Polygon:

Charts are much more clear, accurate, and detailed across the currently supported chains. In addition, you may have noticed the pair selector at the top of the chart. You'll also be able to select a base pair for you to chart against for tokens that have liquidity in something other than WETH or WMATIC for example.

Other chains ( FTM, MOVR, XDAI, AVAX, ARBITRUM… ) Will also have the same option for users wrapping up here for deployment at the same time.

Bug fixes and improvements

-Market orders on all chains functioning again (except movr)
-Added 4 hops for routing ( EX: DAI -> SPIRIT-> WFTM -> UNIDX )
-Wallet Dashboard
-Better routing on FTM|
-Ledger support

Perpetual Protocol

For those that we’re unfamiliar with, we did get a grant from perpetual protocol who is our next integration for leverage trading. The work for the integration did actually start before this so we’re gonna be happy to share some more screenshots in the very near future.

Farming opportunities

We briefly mentioned that we have 2 new farming opportunities for the UNIDX token coming out shortly with a collaboration on 2 different teams. Currently, users can farm on paintswap with the UNIDX-FTM pool however new options are on the horizon.

RSK Support

The title reads all! You may also be asking, if there isn't any Uniswap like DEX’s on RSK then what are we pulling from? Stay tuned for another addition to the UniDex Forge program :)

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