Introducing the Mirai Liquidity Engine

A write-up on what powers the liquidity protocol on UniDex

Since the start of the UniDex project, our vision has expanded and adapted to market conditions. At first we were committed to delivering an all-in-one DeFi platform, and that hasn't changed one bit. However, DeFi has now expanded to multiple chains and multiple financial tools like options, futures, and synthetics.

UniDex is now providing a multi-chain super aggregator of any and all financial products. For those that have followed the project and its previous aggregation model are aware of our pivot but let's give it a run down on what our new engine allows.

Currently there is just way to many wonderful protocols for financial activity. Now the open market competing for the best product is not the issue here. Rather, as someone entering the space experienced or not, you might not be aware of a better rate that lies elsewhere. Services that have been offered for stock market trading or forex trading have been providing something similar to 1inch for all market operations. Crypto however, remains fragmented and lacks efficient routing tools for all financial activity.

Here is all the current platforms for trading that we at UniDex could find. Each has their own functions and networks they remain on but the core idea usually remains the same. How would a user ever keep up with getting the best price for your money?

UniDex supports all of these markets and DeFi protocols in order to always service the trader with the best rate. We even aggregate aggregators to ensure your rate is the most efficient route.

We’re calling our aggregation system the Mirai Liquidity Engine.

At UniDex we want to provide something that is future proof and takes trading to the next level.
Mirai — The Future fits this perfectly. UniDex will constantly expand to always support any liquidity protocol or DEX.

In the future we will support more blockchains like solana, fantom, avalanche, and so forth making Mirai a fitting word.
As well as other hidden reasons to name it Mirai…

So how does it all work in a simple explanation? Allow us to break it down with some gifs and text.

As explained previously, the Mirai liquidity engine is designed to draw liquidity from multiple endpoints on current existing and upcoming protocols. Rather than competing with fantastic systems like 1inch, we instead embrace and become more efficient as these aggregators and protocols become more efficient.

UniDex is a trading terminal at heart. The goal is to service the trader is the best way possible and the Mirai liquidity engine is the bread and butter of the trading platform. As we grow the engine can be used in more complex services like lending and borrowing, NFT market places, or other yield aggregators. We want to provide as many financial tools a trader needs to elevate his trading experience eventually becoming the bloomberg terminal of trading.

Currently we support aggregated swaps between 20 liquidity pools including the 0x network and 1inch. Margin aggregation and options aggregation is coming pretty soon with development accelerating once we finish up our final changes to our spot trading section.

Eventually we want to include our own service for liquidity, options, margin, and so forth so be on the look out for that as well. As a first look, our first upcoming protocol is an american options platform on BSC, ETH, SOL, and FTM. We will be releasing more details on that later however, it will be yet another source of aggregated liquidity in the UniDex trading terminal.

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