Introducing UniDex API & UniDex Forge

We’re excited to announce two different programs developers and protocols can use to build on top of UniDex and benefit both communities. UniDex provides a hyper personalized trading experience with a strong backbone trading engine. Our swap aggregation goes unrivalled in the entire DeFi ecosystem and we want to continue expanding. Today we’re announcing our plans to expand on top of this by offering an API that will allow protocols to take advantage of our superior aggregation, while also benefiting UniDex by increasing trading volumes. We’re also launching a new program called UniDex Forge that allows protocols to host their service in a more formal way on UniDex’s front-end.


Starting out, we’re going to expand our limit orders by offering API for other AMM’s to use and quickly add limit orders to their platform. This will be available for more chains as they come by. This extends to the ETH mainnet, Binance smart chain, Fantom opera network, and Polygon mainnet. More networks such as moonbeam layer for Polkadot and Avalanche will follow in the future depending on network demand.

Use case examples

Starting a new AMM can be a fun experience for developers but requires features to stand out and generate volume for those providing liquidity. Through UniDex API, AMM’s can within a few days add support for limit orders on their DEX and boost volume by allowing more possible transacted orders. Users generally miss trades due to being away from their computer or not watching the market when moves happen, which leaves a large amount of missed potential volume, but also means less rewards for liquidity providers.

Breakdown of Maker (63%) vs Taker (37%) orders on 0x

Currently 0x has around 37% of all orders being executed via limit orders, which equates to approximately $243 million USD worth of trading volume!

Lets move away from AMM projects interested in separating themselves and/or wanting to generate more volume. Portfolio management and lending applications are getting increasingly popular and often have swaps for their supported assets linked only to a single DEX or none at all. Through our API a user can set up an automated strategy to limit sell their asset and or simply extract the most value from a market order a user conducts. Applications like Zerion could integrate a UniDex swap widget or make use of our API to allow the user to always manage their assets at the best rate, while also generating volume on the UniDex platform.

Moving forward

Our public launch will be announced at a later date however, we do have a project that is launching soon that wants to make use of UniDex’s limit order API and a few public launch partners. More will be revealed soon about these protocols so make sure you stay updated on our social media channels.

UniDex Forge

When it comes to building financial protocols on DeFi, one of the major hurdles comes with building a fluid and expandable user interface. Hiring frontend developers can be costly and time spent in the backend could also hinder progress on other areas. That’s why we’re launching a partner program called UniDex Forge. With this program, protocols can co-launch under the UniDex platform in multiple different ways and save time and money so their developers can focus on fine-tuning with what they do best. New AMM’s often suffer from standing out and showcasing what makes their system more efficient and effective than their competitors. Through UniDex Forge, projects can co-launch through our API and application granting volume for UniDex and its holders, and protocols can focus on building smart contracts and superior financial systems for the DeFi ecosystem.

In some cases, the front-end may not even be used at all and a project can just co-launch using UniDex’s superior limit order system. Our first launch partner is a project that’s going to change how fundraising should be executed and set a new benchmark that even the Greek gods would be impressed with…

Without revealing to much, you’ll hear more from them in the near future and their platform. These teams are entirely separate however, should be treated as an extension of the UniDex ecosystem and family of products (We’ve already been dropping some hints in our telegram chats).

That’s all we can share for the moment — but we’re eager to release updates in the very near future once the next stages have been finalized. We have made some large strides in the development of UniDex and we’re happy to continue delivering to the community and making our mark on the DeFi ecosystem. We’ve got a bright future ahead.

If you are interested in our API or Forge program, you can contact us on Telegram/Discord or send us an email at

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