Leverage Trading launched on UniDex

Today we are enabling leverage trading on UniDex. For those unfamiliar, leverage trading allows for users to gain more exposure to an asset at the cost of increased risk but more return. In this iteration, were introducing bull and bear positions.

On UniDex, traders will be able to take long and short positions on any trading pair using ChainLink. This means users on our DEX would be able to long and short assets like BTC, XRP, XMR, TSLA, EURUSD, XAUUSD, or even things like Bitcoin dominance. This opens the door to a wide range of tradable concepts that previously was only a metric, however we believe traders should be able to explore and trade without restraints at UniDex. We will be releasing more of these pairs in the future to come and more of theses “synthetic trading concepts” for traders explore.

About the system

Adopting X2 by XVIX, When trading long and short positions on the platform there is no slippage. This allows you to enter a position leveraged or not, without causing any slippage. Instead leverage is offered and capped by the opposing side of the trade. If there is 100 BULL liquidity and 80 BEAR token liquidity on a 10x leverage pair. Bear positions receive the full 10x leverage while Bull positions work off of 8x leverage. There is funding rates applied to these markets to ensure the market works as efficient as possible and frontrunning protection requiring 1 price update before being able to realize profit.

This is just a small intro of the products and ways to trade on UniDex. Our ecosystem and tools provided is expanding however, your feedback will help us make the best decisions for our traders! Below you can find some quick links and areas to submit your suggestions and feedback. By traders, with traders, and for traders.

Quick Links

Discord permanent invite link — https://discord.gg/WzJPSjGj4h
Twitter — https://twitter.com/UniDexFinance
Telegram group — https://t.me/unidexfinance
Telegram ann channel — https://t.me/unidexapp
Email — support@unidex.finance
Website -https://www.unidex.finance/



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