The Road Forward… Moving to UniDex v2

Catching up

On September 2nd, we released an update on some of the things our users can expect to see on the trading terminal and changes we hope to make in the upcoming months. We think we did a good job of delivering and improving other areas. To give an overview, we wanted to deliver charting for all exchanges, leverage trading, market orders on chains that don’t have popular aggregators, and some quality of life changes such as inverse rates. Today, we have hit the list on all of these and still see ways we can improve not only on the user side but also on the server side that users aren’t seeing.

Moving forward, we want to build on these suggestions we’ve received now that the groundwork for the terminal has been laid out.

Current actions

Moving forward, we will be migrating the existing domain from to similar to how other apps have their product hosted. While it’s a more minor change, it will be marking our release from beta to production.
About a month ago we received a grant from to integrate the perpetual protocol into UniDex. This release will be going live this week for all users so be on the lookout for that. Perpetual protocol operates on the xDai network with v2 running on the optimism L2, also coming to UniDex.
We want to redesign our main landing page, and we’ve teased a few of these still to the community before.

In case you’ve missed it, here is a quick look at the design language of our new landing page (single section sneak peek).

Our new page hits the user quickly with what we do best and how we’re changing your trading experience. The new landing page will go live during our 1st anniversary of the closed beta launch, coming up next week.

Next steps

We want to build on the fantasy of making the terminal that any trader can pull the useful information from. We understand the data that hardcore traders love to see and are familiar with niche traders’ preferences when undergoing their trading routine. Overall our following additions to the product will play on this fantasy to allow UniDex to separate itself from existing terminals and platforms. Let’s go over some of those new additions we want to make without beating around the bush.

UI personalization

Allowing the trader to get a personalized touch to their terminal is something that goes for granted. It’s something you look to keep open and look at for long hours during bull and bear markets, so why not allow yourself to customize it?

We’re introducing a theming engine alongside better window positioning. We touched on this a while back, allowing preset layout buttons. We want to expand this to another level by now extending that to a personalization playground.

Without too much jargon, the framework we use will allow the user to pop out a menu bar to customize some theming options while also allowing the user to set defaults to their liking. For those who have been asking, that is a proper dark theme for your guilty pleasures 😊

Advanced data analytics

The terminal we envision should be packed with data the user can use to play the market to the best of their ability. We want to build a playground for traders looking for an alpha to develop a trading terminal that interacts with the blockchain by design transparent. Two additions we are looking to add fall into data visualization and data breakdown.

With our recent integrations of and, we want to show data visualization on trading data for perpetual as their influence grows more vital for DeFi markets and the ecosystem. To give a taste of what that can feel like, we want the user to be able to see data like recent liquidations across all leverage protocols, liquidation levels that are at risk of significant liquidations, funding rate charts and data, and protocol analytic breakdowns. Traders should be informed that the token they’re entering a trade on has massive liquidations just 5% above their entry or extreme short interest on the token they hope to long. Maybe see stats on P/E ratios of GMX or your favorite AMM tokens compared in protocol volume payout. These things we feel count towards the visualization aspect for a user to interact with and make decisions.

For breakdown-based tools, we want to show the user raw numbers, which can function similarly to market screeners, or maybe compare liquidity positions ( including farming ) between different AMM’s. We want to make it easy for the trader to see what he needs to do right away and aggregate all this data to help make better-informed decisions. Expect to see things like trending tokens, category lists, liquidity comparisons, exotic trading similarities ( for example, $UNIDX often correlates with $FTM or these wallets also bought “X” in large amounts), and social activity breakdown. We will have more to share just before the winter break.


We’ve recently partnered with a few different protocols across multiple chains to bring the best trading experience to any chain. We’ve integrated the BOBA L2 network for UniDex traders and the BOBA ecosystem this week. Not only has the response been very positive, but we also want to make sure we continue building on the experience and deliver helpful products to specific chains. Right away, we’ve started integrating a couple of networks, namely RSK, Cronos, and Optimism L2 ecosystem. We don’t want to spoil too much, but these communities have a vastly different “face” than chains like fantom or polygon. We’re working with teams on all sides to make sure we deliver a good experience on these chains and our existing networks like BOBA. With that said, in the short term, you can expect to hear more from our partners on the BOBA network and more exciting stuff on the new chains we’re exploring.

The bridging dilemma is another pain point in the DeFi ecosystem we’ve encountered. Once a user has bridged once, they’re more likely to do it again. However, most people don’t think because of the fear and fragmentation of bridging. At UniDex, we want to make sure we aggregate everything around us. So we’re introducing a cross-chain swap & bridge aggregator of users. In short, you’ll be able to swap between 2 networks while using aggregators to swap tokens in between, for example, 100 USDC on MATIC-> 100 UNIDX on FTM). These would naturally aggregate bridging solutions and existing cross-chain swap solutions like rubic, synapse, and connext network.

Wrapping up

We want this post to highlight the roadmap for the terminal itself, so a follow-up post regarding the project, token, and more will be expanded in another post. Over the next few weeks, we will share more updates on how things look visually for our new additions and our expansions into new territories.

Once again, we want to thank the community for being with us on this journey and helping us create something better for the ecosystem. Over a year ago, we started sharing UI teasers of the initial closed beta program for our members who participated in our presale of just $25,000, and we’ve come so far. For those joining us on this journey recently, let us look at our initial beta release UI.

What was once before a year ago…

And what is now…


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