UniDex Beta Launch Details

As our mission gets closer and closer to a reality that we can bring to traders, we want to share our first details on how users will be able to access the UniDex beta. But we want to do this true to our roots and make this possible with Ethereum.


In order to access the beta users will connect their web3 wallet such as metamask. For the beta we will only be supporting metamask as it makes up around 96% of web3 wallet users so there should be no problems there.

However, in order to actually use the beta we want a selection process to take place CRYPTO STYLE. We will generate an ERC20 token called UniDex BETA. This token will not hold any value nor have any function other than allowing the holders wallet to have access to the beta. It would be as simple as holding the token in your Ethereum wallet will allow you access to the exchange and if you would like, you can send this token to another user and let them try it out. There will only be 200 beta tokens minted and 50% of these tokens will be randomly distributed to UniDex holders whos balance is equal to 10 or higher ( if the price of our token moons then we will adjust this to be lower to allow smaller capital users to try it out ). The other 50% will be through a selection process from our discord and telegram reserved for influencers and traders alike.


The goal of the beta is to show the proof of concept and how UniDex’s solution is something totally new that others have yet to catch onto, but also iron out the bugs that exist. The UI in the beta wont be pretty until we finally iron out those bugs and can launch our actual UX/UI for everyone to bask glory in.
We are aiming for a target date of Dec 1st for the beta launch and are glad to see more and more people caring about an exchange finally built by traders, with traders, and for traders.

Telegram — https://t.me/unidexfinance
Discord — https://discord.gg/WzJPSjGj4h
Email — support@unidex.finance
Website — https://www.unidex.finance/
Twitter — https://twitter.com/UniDexFinance
Presale — 11/14



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