UniDex Beta V0.0.3 Update

Today we pushed out a big update on the beta based on users feedback and bugs that were pointed out by the UniDex community. Some users are new to the platform and we want to give an overview for how things are done and a small timeline update for users wondering where things are going from here in the short coming week.
Heres a still of how the swap section currently looks for the beta.

Short visuals on the changes

Percentage based inputs
like required similar to binance and FTX for quick and easy inputs based on your holdings of the input token.

Added USD logic

Added a navigation bar
which will serve as a quick way to switch between trading functionality in the future ( placeholder icons and labels for Leverage tokens, options, and margin trading in the short coming future ).

A more longer in detailed change log can be found below.

- Added USD logic to input token. This is used to fetch the current holding amount of the input token selected.
- Added quick percentage based inputs similar to what we see on Binance or on FTX with users being able to use their own percentage.
- Added more clear UI buttons on UX such as the switch between buy and sell button is now a double arrow button ( symbolizes switch places ).
- Added market price for output token box to get a quick idea of how much the token price of 1 unit is in USD and ETH.
- Added more charting functionality and color adjustment to match the overall theme and give more basic functionality with our new TradingView license.
- Added sidebar navigation with temporary place holders for our future expansions.
- Added favorites tab found in the sidebar navigation so traders can favorite tokens and quick access recently traded tokens aswell.
- Shortened warning messages to be more clear and users can find out what certain errors mean through our DOCs or FAQ page on our information hub for UniDex.
- Adjusted past order history to be more clear such as “Order Filled” instead of “executed”
- Adjusted terminology for execution to make more sense for traders.
- Adjusted colors to make it more obvious if your order was filled or canceled.

Bug Fixes
- Properly displays trades for token with rebase mechanics after they undergo a rebase while your limit order is still open.

Short update on the coming week

We are now looking to add in our american options trading dashboard. These options will also tie into our limit order system which means users can do american options on ANY ERC20 TOKEN with limit order functionality with physical delivery.

Also on top of that were looking to add leverage tokens like 10xETH or 10xBTC while branching out to things like 3xGOLD and 3xSPY for those that trade in the stock market.

Small update on the whitepaper. We know this was promised a while ago and this is totally our fault for the delay. It was mostly due to the fact that we have been integrating and partnering with other projects in the space that had us change the contents of our whitepaper. Users should note that things are bound to change in the whitepaper even after if more partnerships are acquired (similar to UniMex and ann on 28th) and would be updated for a better whitepaper in the future. Expect that later this week.

Speaking of the 28th we do have something pretty exciting for our traders on the 28th to announce! It was hinted at in the past but most probably skipped the thought on it.

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