UniDex Changelog 3/5/2021

Discussion over all the recent changes and things to come


Since our open beta release in late january many things have changed, pivoted, and pushed back. Lets first go over what we had and then transition into what's to come.

In 0.0.3 we released our first closed beta launch of the platform featuring spot trading aggregation with limit orders. Outside of basic functionality such as swapping tokens which would aggregate between 1Inch, Kyber, Balancer, and Uniswap. Users would see more to come in the distant future including margin, leverage, and more tools.

Our 0.0.4 launch on 01/30 featured leverage trading capabilities and some general UI improvements to spot trading. From then on, we also launched a few more sources of liquidity aggregation to kick start the strongest aggregation service a trader could have. There was some basic functionality we were missing however in 0.0.5 we would add them and slowly update the UI to fit what traders want.

However, 0.0.5 marked a shift in our development schedule and the vision for what we were trying to provide to traders. The original idea for UniDex was providing a hub of trading tools for traders to create an experience similar to a flagship CEX but entirely decentralized. This hasn't changed but our execution has shifted and were delivering a new first to the DeFi ecosystem. Since then we have developed the Mirai Liquidity Engine which powered the UniDex ecosystem and suite of trading products. Our new liquidity engine allows for aggregation of not just token swaps. but rather things like margin trading products and option trading protocols as well. This means traders are able to trade through 50+ protocols like 1inch, 0x, paraswap, uniswap, sushiswap, dydx, injective protocol, pancake swap, quickswap, orion protocol, and so forth allowing any decentralized protocol ( DEX or Aggregator ) to be a liquidity source. Effectively meaning right now UniDex has the strongest liquidity aggregation and best rate provided for trading than any other trading platform and will only get infinitely stronger.

0.0.5 and its current set of features looks like the above. We added a plethora of features like market buying, token information, transaction history for a token, Binance smart chain charting support, and a few under the hood changes.

Technical Breakdown

the below contains features that were shipped out and being shipped out soon

Coming Future

A more detailed roadmap will be posted soon following this post

For those unaware this is our zerion/zapper.fi dashboard built for traders that want a deeper look at their trading activity

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