UniDex Dev Update November 11th

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Today marks the first official dev update to the UniDex project I want to take this time to highlight all the progress made on the project and what we are looking at going forward. Since all future dev updates are going to follow this same format, I’ll use this space to explain the tablet of contents for these dev updates. First will come the current roadmap, marketing updates, project accomplishments if any, project setbacks if any, future roadmap, and final closing thoughts.

Initial roadmap Roadmap

Early November — Finsh the final design for the UniDex app
Early November — UniDex Whitepaper
Nov 13th — UniDex’s required smart contracts completed
Nov 16th — Third party audit on contracts
Dec 1st — Launch of UniDex app beta
Dec 7th — Community feedback and v2 of roadmap starts
based on feedback.

The final design has been finished and were pretty happen on how we want our general theme to look. For those that missed it heres a sneak peak at the dashboard ( which is still missing some elements such as wallet balance graph over time ) that should give you an idea of the design language UniDex will use.

beta dashboard UI
Beta dashboard for UniDex

While the whitepaper isn't finished yet, the litepaper is having its final touches being applied and should provide a good overview on the project and its components.

Nov 13th — UniDex’s required smart contracts completed

We actually finished this sooner than we expected. Not much to say here other than we just need to work on front end for the site and tie everything together and deliver a reliable trading experience for the ecosystem.

Nov 16th — Third party audit on contracts

We’re actually getting our presale done again this Saturday. We’re hoping for a good turn out to fund this part as the roadmap is totally assuming that we get the funding we need. The term “if you build it, they will come” just doesn't apply in the real world. Money is required for these things and its required to make progress.

Dec 1st — Launch of UniDex app beta

keeping what was said before in mind, assuming everything lines up with the optimal conditions. We should be able to put out a beta app for users to use. Most likely we will select certain users to test the exchange with half random and half that applied. We will then compensate those users for helping us find bugs that may exist but also giving the world an idea on what's possible with UniDex.

Marketing updates

As of right now we dont have anything to share. Funds are low as we dont have a presale going but we will on 11/14. We hope we can have the funds we need then to move forward with the project.

Project Accomplishments

We did 3 AMA sessions with multiple groups that seem to have boosted our publicity quite a bit and happy with the turnout.

We finished our website landing page. ← linked here

UniDex required smart contracts are near 100% completed.

Project Setbacks

We had our first presale round 11/4 and it failed. Theres no sugarcoating what happened. With a group of 970 people, we had 3 people invest in the bounce pool. Since then we lowered the price per token ( and with that the total ETH raised to match the total supply sold per presale ) and made some commitments such as, committing to a unicrypt lock of liquidity, less anonymous team members ( My LinkedIn, Github, and Twitter are now public ), and more of these updates for the project. We hope that people can trust us for our postponed presale on 11/14 and hope for a good relationship moving forward.

Final Closing Thoughts

We’re really proud of what we built, but we are more proud that people are starting to care about UniDex and the problem we are solving. By traders, for traders, and with traders is going to finally be a statement that can proudly be held by an exchange and we could not be more honored to bring that to the community. Its redundant but we will say it again, our presale round 2 is 11/14! Join our communication channels to find out the specific details on how to enter and we cant possibly thank you enough for being here with us on this journey. For those that made it down here at the bottom the admin a PM on either our UniDex twitter, telegram, or discord and we will send 10$ of UNIDX for free for listening to us :) this will only be available until 11/13 12PM UTC and dont tell others about this little surprise!. ( we want to know whos closely paying attention and wont give out to many of these right now )

Telegram — https://t.me/unidexfinance
Discord — https://discord.gg/WzJPSjGj4h
Email — support@unidex.finance
Website — https://www.unidex.finance/
Twitter — https://twitter.com/UniDexFinance

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