UniDex Dev Update November 15th

Table of contents

marketing updates
project accomplishments
project setbacks
future roadmap
final closing thoughts

Marketing Updates

There isnt much to pass around here except we do have 2 AMA’s this week with The Selective Apes and tehMoonwalkers. We hope this will have more people interested in our project and presale before our actual launch on uniswap. Even after our launch, we hope that we can then push forward with partnerships and more advisors.

Project Accomplishments

I dont know if this can be considered a real accomplishment however, we did manage to raise 10 ETH to build the future of trading on an exchange. We really hope that we can raise more for more devs and partnerships as were currently sitting on a marketcap of around $4000. We’re happy a few people were willing to trust us with such a task. While we arent sure why people would throw near 500 ETH for some projects that dont even require a token, we are glad we have a small community following.

We managed to fix up something for the beta UI that people can use to display the tech we built. Essentially were going to fork an existing setup similar to uniswap, and then have it work with what we got and slowly add features we want the private beta participants to test. This will reduce a lot of the front end work I and other dev’s will have to do until we can get the full UI/UX ready for the general public later this year.

We also are working on multiple other information hubs related to UniDex such as a doc’s site for all things UniDex related. It isnt our main focus because we have more important things to deliver, but information is important.

Project Setbacks

What doesn't kill us will only make us stronger. With the little funding available after we provide the initial liquidity in the pool, we dont want to say Dec 1st wont be achievable. It might be close or if it just turns out to be to hard it may be a week later or maybe 2 as time will tell. The projected date was assuming a presale sell out but things are moving good currently on the dev work.

Future Roadmap

We will decide next week but were going to add 4 rollout stages to the beta. There will be another post for more details once the beta is launched however, itll be something simple as 1 week will be focused on beta testing the new limit swap system, another week for lending and borrowing, another week for orderbook and charting data, another week for “xyz”. Eventually once all the bugs are ironed out we can then move on with the first release of the exchange.

Final Closing Thoughts

We aren't angry at the market or anything but it does sour the mood. We really did want more people to take part in our presale and with 2 days left with 10% raised we hope people partake. But it wont stop us from making a place for traders. The DeFi space on ETH needs something like this if it wants serious liquidity to move here. We’re doing our best to make a difference for the crypto community, and while I’m not suggesting that being able to trade shitcoins more professionally is “giving back”. It was our roots and we would be lying if we said that we dont make an excuse for trading “on the edge” as being an investor.

UniDex the place by traders, for traders, and with traders.



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