UniDex Limit Order Expansion & More

4 min readJul 5, 2021

Today we wanted to talk a little bit about limit orders and our progress with this part of UniDex. So far UniDex has been able to offer limit orders on Ethereum's mainnet, Binance smart chain, Polygon, Fantom, and Avalanche. Within these respective ecosystems, multiple AMM’s and aggregators have been supported such as 1inch on their respective chains, Spiritswap on Fantom, Quickswap on Polygon, and Pangolin on Avalanche. The list of supported DEX’s is so long that we encourage you to check out UniDex’s docs for the full list of supported exchanges.

Today UniDex is expanding limit orders to 4 different networks and future integrations beyond. Later you should see these changes reflected on the unidexbeta.app trading terminal and get right to trading.

New Chain integration: xDai

XDAI currently clocks in about 320,000 daily transactions with a total of 26.5 Million in locked liquidity.

UniDex supports Honeyswap, Baoswap, and Sushiswap on the xDai network while also aggregating across these protocols. In short, this means that a new 12 million TVL of liquidity is now accessible for UniDex traders or existing xDai network supporters. One popular route we see users taking this integration is setting up limit orders for r/cryptocurrencies moon token bridged to xDai.

New Chain integration: Celo

Celo is a mobile focused DeFi blockchain with native stable coin solutions like cUSD and cEUR.

UniDex will be supporting UbeSwap on Celo and more as they come on the celo network. We see alot of mobile traders or even people attempting to escape their native currency due to instability using UniDex for automated trading strategies. Citizens of countries like Venezuela can easily invest in things like BTC while paying transaction gas fees in things like stablecoins or other tokens for stability and affordability.

New Chain integration: Moonbeam

Moonbeam is an EVM smart contract parachain on Polkadot. This lets existing ecosystems to have reach into native polkadot assets like DOT, KSM and GLMR.

The Moonbeam integration is still in alpha as we wait for more development and progress on the mainnet launch, however we believe this is a substantial progress for our movement into the polkadot ecosystem.

New Chain integration: Fuse

Fuse is a network designed for moving money with ease and worry free technical knowledge.

Fuse aims to allow anyone to start communities and ease the process of onboarding users with blockchain in a few different ways. With a spotlight on mobile accessibility, fixed transaction costs of max $0.01 per transaction, and easy integration of existing applications on other chains. Fuseswap is being integrated by UniDex for limit orders and aggregation on the Fuse chain as more AMM’s come about.

Future Integrations

Some may know that Arbitrum is launching soon with Uniswap support and more AMM’s to follow. We at UniDex made sure to be on top of this given how much we value L2 adoption and usage for blockchain based trading applications. The speed and security go unmatched and is essential for CeFi traders to trust the application security/speed of DeFi platforms.

UniDex is targeting a day one release of limit orders on Arbitrum One for Uniswap with more DEX’s to come as they roll out on Arbitrum.

We are also exploring the Cosmos ecosystem namely Kava and a few others that have recently launched Uniswap like AMM’s. There are some other known chains like Harmony and recently launched Kucoin community chain that we have already deployed and made progress for supporting limit orders on their most popular AMM’s.

Moving forward from here

As we move forward we want to bring more to the DeFi ecosystem no matter what chain or protocol you love trading on. UniDex will now shortly be supporting 9 different chains and more as the interconnected chains such as moonbeam and IBC connected ecosystems expand.

We want existing AMM’s to easily support these limit orders too so we’re opening up access to this soon in the form of easy to access API. Within minutes, project dev’s can instantly support limit orders tailored to their DEX or choose to aggregate these orders if you aren't a AMM such as portfolio management apps.

You can test our limit orders through https://unidexbeta.app/ and expect more great things in the future including leverage trading, ETF based trading, and options very very shortly 😉.

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