UniDex partners with Gambit to provide leverage markets to traders.

With our upcoming release of leverage trading & aggregation for derivatives products, Gambit will be our first integration for derivative products.

Gambit is a leverage trading protocol with no slippage, uses Chainlink price oracles, and has low gas fees for reliable trading for all account sizes. So what does this mean for UniDex traders? Easy, you’ll now be able to long and short crypto alongside aggregated swaps with limit orders all under one hood. Currently Gambit supports leveraging BTC, ETH, and BNB with multiple stable coin pairings up to 30x leverage.

Gambit, since 28 April, has amassed over $750,000,000 trading volume! The upcoming market is a perfect environment for derivatives and we believe this will be a perfect integration for upcoming market conditions.

For those coming from the Gambit community, UniDex is trading terminal that specializes in aggregation. This extends to swaps, limit orders, options, and leverage markets with more on the way. You can give our DAPP a try by going to unidexbeta.app and access the alpha found at alpha.unidexbeta.app both of which support multiple chains including BSC, Matic, Fantom, and soon more.

Make sure to stay posted on our social media accounts found below to find out when you can start trading on Gambit through UniDex. We’re happy to integrate and partner with a talented dev team and fantastic trading product for our traders.

Discord permanent invite link — https://discord.gg/WzJPSjGj4h
Twitter — https://twitter.com/UniDexFinance
Telegram group — https://t.me/unidexfinance
Telegram ann channel — https://t.me/unidexapp
Website -https://www.unidex.exchange/
Trading Platform — https://unidexbeta.app/
Trading Platform Alpha— https://alpha.unidexbeta.app/
Business inquiries — marketing@unidex.finance

Gambit Socials

Discord permanent invite link — https://discord.gg/WzJPSjGj4h
Twitter — https://twitter.com/GambitProtocol
Telegram group — https://t.me/GambitProtocol
Website -https://gambit.financial



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