UniDex’s first batch of rewards has been airdropped!

After a recent vote to disperse rewards on the BSC mainnet, all UNIDX holders have just received their BNB rewards to their wallet address. Previously, the same multi-send on the ETH mainnet would have cost around $1700 thus caused a major slowdown in distribution. Thus, in ordnance with vote https://snapshot.org/#/unidexapp.eth/proposal/QmQtrudfWtSwTKYqWYqvCuG2XE7iHtw2TX9nHpBGFDAJkS, all rewards were sent out just now as BNB on the BSC mainnet.

We went with BSC initially because we understand a lot of users still haven't tried and got around to set up. So having the base currency sent out so people can either move back to ETH, then bridged back, and pleased to do whatever with from there.

It's a small amount admitilly but does open the door to more frequent rewards in the future. For comparison, this multisend to about 500 users cost $30 vs $1700 on the ETH mainnet.

Lets talk about viewing and accessing the BSC network for those that are not familiar. ( this is as far as the content goes for those already familiar )

First head over to the top of Metamask and click this area

This will open the network selector to change/add BSC

Click custom RPC at the bottom and enter these details in the box’s


Once you save that you should have a new entry for Binance Smart Chain. Simply select Binance Smart Chain and interact with the ecosystem like normal!



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