What to expect from the initial UI refresh rollout

Our journey has been amazing since our initial release back on January 25th. Let us do a quick comparison of what once was, and now what is.

This was what our initial release of V0.0.3 looked like back when UniDex first went live. At the time we offered limit orders (by pine.finance, which we now maintain officially) that would aggregate across the ETH network when BSC still had less than 20 million TVL. Since then, we’ve been heavily making updates and finetuning the User Interface (UI) to develop what is now going to become our new app…

This is an example what our users are going to be seeing following the initial launch of our revamped UI. We’re aiming to make it live for trading starting the end of this month (May 31st).

We advise that expectations for this new release to still remain conservative

Just as a reminder, the new UI was originally planned for June (check roadmap to confirm) but we saw an opportunity to bring forward the Spot Trading dashboard’s refresh. With this new release, users will still trade the same way that they’ve been using our current platform, but the updated UI will ensure a better and much more robust User Experience (UX).

This milestone will mark the first release of UniDex Terminal V0.0.1 with V1.0.0 coming out when Options and Leverage make their debut next month. If for whatever reason there needs to be a delay to make any refining changes, it won’t be for more than a week or two at most, but the UI will still be available and tradeable with updates being released in between.

Important part ( read this to set expectations )

To make sure we meet our goals and manage expectations correctly, we’re going to be doing something similar to our first initial beta launch. We’re planning to day-by-day slowly enable features like orderbooks, specific wallet compatibility, and more, to ensure proper testing can be done at each stage for our alpha release. Once all features are out ( and we mean things like drag and drop, saving UI elements, and other components )then we can move into beta stage for the new Spot Trading UI, and more widely identify and fix any remains bugs.

Just to clarify, the UniDex community should treat this upcoming release as still the alpha stage, with our flagship release being when Leverage and Options Trading functionality goes live.

Lets talk about next months release

Here is an example of what users can expect our Leverage Trading dashboard to look like. You’ll notice that we’ve gone with a similar design to the Spot Trading interface (which is why we decided to fit Spot Trading as part of the refresh rather than having 2 different apps). Users will be able to select their input and output pair, and our aggregation system Mirai will automatically detect the best source for this leverage pair, whether that be through a flash loan, a supported protocol that has the pair directly, or through our own system when it goes live later this year. Users will also be given the option to enable or disable certain sources if they prefer to trade on a specific protocol. While some users have preference for certain protocols, this functionality will also allow people to take advantage of any promotional rewards, incentives, or whatever else it may be.

We will also have some new launch partners for our Leverage release, which we will be updating the community about later this month. Some of these partners you will already be familiar with but there will also be some new important additions to our offering, however the main takeaway is that Margin Trading is finally coming to UniDex.

Options Trading

Here is a short preview on the Options Trading dashboard so far. While things like the payoff interface are still just in mock-up phase, users can expect a simple, yet still the most powerful, Options Trading platform for DeFi. More things relating to the payoff dashboard and other widgets like the bid-ask table will be added in due course, including any recent liquidations and all transactions lists.

Just like Leverage and Swaps, Options Trading will also feature some launch partners that we’ve been working with to bring to market the first aggregated options trading terminal within DeFi.

As we slowly release more features for Spot Trading and other sections like ETFs and Leverage Trading, we’ll also start unveiling more information on the Options Trading suite, and showing the community what we’ve been building behind the scenes.

With these new releases not far away, it’s amazing to think back on how far we’ve come since the beginning. We’re really excited about the next few months and we know that our community equally pumped.

That's all we wanted to share with the community at this time. We’re really excited about the next few months and how far we we’re able to come since then. We want to at this time thank the community for being so patient and understanding with our development cycle. We started this journey to provide an all in one experience, and we’re going to deliver that alongside our own personal touch to the ecosystem. We also want to thank all the integrations that will play into the ultimate multichain DeFi trading terminal.

Discord permanent invite link — https://discord.gg/WzJPSjGj4h
Twitter — https://twitter.com/UniDexFinance
Telegram group — https://t.me/unidexfinance
Telegram ann channel — https://t.me/unidexapp
Website -https://www.unidex.exchange/
Trading Platform ETH — https://unidexbeta.app/
Trading Platform BSC — https://bsc.unidexbeta.app/
Trading Platform FTM— https://ftm.unidexbeta.app/
Trading Platform Polygon— https://polygon.unidexbeta.app/
Business inquiries — marketing@unidex.finance



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